Corporate Information Company Background

Tapaco Public Company Limited (“Company”) was founded on 3 April 2000 with registered capital of Baht 20 million with the objective to produce, assemble and distribute engineering plastic parts to be used in assembling electrical appliance, electronics equipment and car audio equipment both in the country and overseas market. The Company is granted BOI privileges.

Significant Changes and Developments


  • The Company was founded as the company limited on 3 April 2000 under the name, Tapaco Company Limited with initial registered capital of Baht 20 million.
  • The Company is granted Board of Investment (BOI) privileges according to the BOI certificate no. 1398/2543 dated 20 July 2000.
  • During the first year of operation, fax machine components are the major revenue contributor of the Company. The Company manufacture and sell engineering plastic parts for fax machine to Sharp (Thailand) Company Limited, Sharp (Malaysia) and PNI.

  • The Company started selling engineering plastic parts for car audio equipment to YANO.
  • The Company started selling engineering plastic parts for printing machine for Mitsubishi (Singapore).

  • The Company bought 8 rai of land in Pin Thong Industrial Estate to construct a new plant.
  • The Company change its status to public company limited on 13 September 2002 and increase the Company’s registered capital to Baht 60 million, comprised of 12 million common shares, with par value of Baht 5 each. The Company’s registered capital is fully paid up.
  • The Company received BOI privilege according to BOI certificate no. 1670 (1) /2545 on 31 October 2002.
  • The Company founded a subsidiary, Tapaco Mold Company Limited (“TAPM”) on 11 December 2002 to manufacture mold die. The Company currently holds 94.8% of total paid-up capital of TAPM.
  • The Company is certified international standard ISO 9001:2000 in December 2002.
  • Japan Asia Investment Company Limited (“JAIC”), the fund that invest in high-growth potential SMEs, invested and hold equity stakes in the Company.

  • TAPM started recognizing revenue in 28 February 2003.
  • TAPM received BOI privilege from the Board of Investment according to the BOI certificate no. 1219(2) /2546 on 5 March 2003.
  • The Company began construction of a new factor in September 2003.

  • The Company is certified international standard ISO 14001 in January 2004.
  • The Company completed plant construction in March 2004 and start relocating old equipment and installing new equipment in the new plant. The machine installation was completed in September 2004. The Company lease old plant to TAPM to produce mold die for plastic parts.
  • The Company increase registered capital from Baht 60 million to Baht 92 million by:
    1. Increase registered capital by issuing 4,000,000 new common shares at Baht 5 par value, which valued a total of Baht 20 million for initial public offering (IPO). The Company got listed in MAI Stock Exchange.
    2. The Company paid 2,400,000 shares dividend with Baht 5 par value. The issue worth a total of Baht 12 million. The share dividend was given out to the existing shareholders at the ratio of 5 existing shares for a new share.
  • The Company was listed in the MAI Stock Exchange on 2 December 2004.

  • The Company increased production capacity from 600 tons/year to 800 tons/year.
  • The Company received order from new customers, such as Canon, Metco, etc.
  • The Company increase TAPM registered capital from Baht 25 million to Baht 45 million to accommodate more orders

  • The Company increased production capacity from 800 tons/year to 1,000 tons/year.
  • The subsidiary TAPM bought land and building from the Company. As a result, the Company and the subsidiary terminate previous lease contract.
  • The Company received more orders for printing equipment from Canon, Oki, Metco.

  • The subsidiary invested Baht 9.46 million in additional equipment to manufacture high-precision to improve sales and gross margin. ท
  • The Company received additional BOI privileges (3rd BOI certificate) for an additional 1,100 tons of production per year.
  • The subsidiary received additional BOI privileges (2nd BOI certificate) for an additional 280 mold production per year.