Corporate Information Vision / Mission

Business objectives

The Company has following objectives in operating business. 

  • Expand customer base both in domestic and overseas market to reduce risk of reliance on a few major customers. Besides approaching for new customers who are electrical appliance, electronics equipment and car audio equipment manufacturers who mainly are Japanese companies, the Company plan to expand customer base to Korean and Taiwanese companies who started to relocate their production base out of their home countries into other Asian countries.
  • Expand into new product lines by focusing on office equipment, electrical appliance, vehicle parts, and toy parts markets that still have good growth potential.
  • To enhance product and service value of the Company and TAPM by continuously improving production process and developing labor skill.
  • Minimize assistance from PNI, in both technological and marketing assistance. The Company will continue to improve labor skill in product design, production process design and production process to minimize PNI's technological assistance. The Company will minimize marketing assistance from PNI by finding more customers. So that after the patent, technological and marketing assistance contract expire in July 2008, the Company can extend the contract with PNI as necessary, which should benefit the Company better.